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What to do is very simple!
Send an email to info@meatworld.eu with:

  1. company
  2. street and number
  3. post code/city
  4. country
  5. phone number
  6. fax number
  7. mailbox
  8. URL adress
  9. your company logo
  10. Your name and mailbox adress
  11. name the category (s) where your data should be included

or fill out the order form

That's all !
- You pay 98 euro per year for one category listing. Category listing 2 and more, you pay 75 euro per listing.
- You pay 298 euro per year for one banner, 800 x 270 pixels (see example under)
More banners or larger banners are of course possible.


Advertise with a banner or info block is also possible.
On request we will send you an appropriate offer.

Thanks in advance for the command

example banner (width 800 pixels x height 270 pixels)